Wednesday, November 24, 2004


I'm sure that I'll be sorry that I said that! As anyone knows...Ottawa is icky in the winter, especially in January! It's bloody cold and there's always a ton of snow. Anyway, it is the end of November and I was wishing it would just snow and get it over with...And here it is!

My big brother is in town right now. He's police officer in another city and would give me a speeding ticket if he ever caught me...Nice. He's here on course for the bomb disposal unit that he's on with his force. So he's taking a 4 week training course on electronics...ick. Right up my hubby's alley though! We're hoping to get together this weekend for dinner and a chat...I haven't seen him since March-so it's long overdue. My little man, Noah, will be in his glory as well...He seems to love company.

Not much of a post. On the knitting front--I've started a sweater for Noah from Zoe Mellor's book (the name is totally lost in my brain somewhere!)'s pretty cool though...very "piratey". I'll post photos soon!

Off to do some damage you have any idea what kind of destruction a 2 1/2 year old boy and his dog can cause in a mere few minutes...I'll show you someday!~


Thursday, November 18, 2004

The evil eye!!!'s just Einie peering at me through the ever present child safety gate. It has become a piece of exercise equipment for us...lots of hurdling over it to get from room to room! Posted by Hello

Another yummy find at the Inspirations show in Ottawa...Manos del Uruguay handcrafted kettle dyed wool..the colour is delish,no? Posted by Hello

Oh Koigu do I love thee??? Let me count the credt card receipts to see! A neat little colourway that I picked up at the Inspirations Needlework Show in Ottawa! YIPPEE!!! Posted by Hello

Little bits to whip up a lightweight raglan for my little man. Posted by Hello

This little baby just needs to be tidied up a bit and will be shipped off to my newest little friend "Cameron". My dearest pal Leann delivered this strapping young lad 2 weeks ago...gulp...and I'm just finishing now! Better late than never..right? This is a top down raglan from the Cabin Fever Book (two sisters from Orillia...I"ll attach a link later!) I had a few odds and ends of Sirdar DK yarn and used it up! It's super soft and lightweight...very cute I think! Posted by Hello

A little walk down memory's our little boebee(who's not so little anymore)...Einstein! I know...what a name! DH named her before I was suits her well her prime she was quite, now she just walks into walls! Posted by Hello

Says it all really!!! When you're not that yourself an adventurer to disguise that! Posted by Hello

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

No Seams baby!!!!

I finished it....a sweater without seams! Now to explain why I'm so excited....I used to HATE circular needles (I know, I know) until I went to the Inspirations Needlework show in Ottawa. I stopped to peek at a book by Cabin Fever-mostly top down raglans for toddlers. I was able to chat with the authors (the Gemmell sisters) and they shed some light on my distaste for circs. I promptly bought the book (easy easy patterns!) and then spent a zillion dollars on a few sizes of Addi Turbos...OH MY!!!!! Bettter than chocolate I tell ya! I was able to whip up a size 1 sweater in a few days! Not only did I use circs successfully, but I also taught myself how to use dpn's!!! How 'bout that?!?!? Anyway...if I could find the camera that is hidden in our disastrous office I'd show you the final piece...alas it must wait as it is far too early in the morning to wake up the hubby who is blissfully unaware that yet again....I cannot sleep.

I'm a bit ashamed to say that this blogging thing is taking off so slowly for me..I've already committed a faux pas...yikes. I will be posting link (using my own bandwidth!!!) Sheesh...I'm a social worker for a reason! No need to EVER use a computer in this field!!! to forage for the camera!

Sunday, November 14, 2004

Inspiration galore! Posted by Hello

Yummy colours...On their way to mitten land! Posted by Hello

Noah's first first graph work Posted by Hello

Yet another day of playing...

Thank God for DH who is a computer god...I had no idea how do-diddily-dumb I am when it comes to the whole "code" thing. He's the brains in this operation that's for sure...just ironing out a few things to add buttons, webring links, fave blog links as well as pictures of my latest conquests in the world of yarn and sticks...more to come.