Wednesday, November 17, 2004

No Seams baby!!!!

I finished it....a sweater without seams! Now to explain why I'm so excited....I used to HATE circular needles (I know, I know) until I went to the Inspirations Needlework show in Ottawa. I stopped to peek at a book by Cabin Fever-mostly top down raglans for toddlers. I was able to chat with the authors (the Gemmell sisters) and they shed some light on my distaste for circs. I promptly bought the book (easy easy patterns!) and then spent a zillion dollars on a few sizes of Addi Turbos...OH MY!!!!! Bettter than chocolate I tell ya! I was able to whip up a size 1 sweater in a few days! Not only did I use circs successfully, but I also taught myself how to use dpn's!!! How 'bout that?!?!? Anyway...if I could find the camera that is hidden in our disastrous office I'd show you the final piece...alas it must wait as it is far too early in the morning to wake up the hubby who is blissfully unaware that yet again....I cannot sleep.

I'm a bit ashamed to say that this blogging thing is taking off so slowly for me..I've already committed a faux pas...yikes. I will be posting link (using my own bandwidth!!!) Sheesh...I'm a social worker for a reason! No need to EVER use a computer in this field!!! to forage for the camera!


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