Sunday, December 19, 2004

Merry Christmas from Noah...HoHoHo! Posted by Hello

How sweet are these??? I ordered them from Here's the story behind the needles-The story behind these handpainted birch knitting needles is a study in international cooperation.
Vadim and Galina Sharikov live in a three room Moscow apartment where they have converted their 6' x 12' sun porch into a small factory where they manufacture and paint wooden knitting needles and buttons. They have been working with Peace Fleece over 12 years, have designed and built their own machinery and are artists in everything they do. The needles, sold in attractive paper sheaths, are milled in Maine and then are finished and painted in Moscow.
Neat.... Posted by Hello

A quick scarf for myself that ended up becomign a prototype for one for my mom. Knit in a simple k4 p4 rib with Pearl by Estelle in a lovely periwinkle colour's furry goodness! Posted by Hello

Another pattern from Zoe Mellor's book...LOVE THESE!!! I'm godmother to twin girls, Megan and Laura...and think this just may be a last minute Christmas project...I still have time, right?!?!?! Posted by Hello

Back and 1/4 of the front of the pirate sweater for Noah...the arms look like a nice project while on holidays! Posted by Hello

The pirate sweater from Zoe Mellor's book Adorable Knits for Tots... Posted by Hello

First pair of thrummed mittens for Noah. Briggs and Little Regal yarn-1 skein, Navy. Briggs and Little white roving. Love it!!!! Posted by Hello

Bon soir mes amis! LOVE this photo of our little man! The beret is from our trip to Paris last year...sigh... Posted by Hello

How many more days....

I think now is the time when I should explain how much I do not enjoy the holiday season. Before someone throws a huge yellow snow ball with an ice chunk in it, at my head...Here's why...

I have a truly dysfunctional family (doesn't everyone?) that only operates on two levels-angry at someone, or trying to figure out a way to be angry at someone. We fight, passionately. But I have finally thrown in the towel and prefer to just be left alone. Sad? Yes. Necessary? Is the pope Catholic?

To add to this family bliss, I married a great guy who's family appears perfectly normal on the outside...It just explodes in your face when you marry into it. UGH! My boy is the middle of three sons...his dad passed away just before we met (which is a total bummer for more reasons than one). His mom lives in this fabulous world that my husband refers to as her "bubble"-where all of her sons and their wives get along with one another. Ahem...right....

Anyhoo...we live a decent 7 hours away from both families which is a blessing in disguise. And at times, really not far enough away...catch me?

So...since we've been married our visits to the "motherland" (a small town outside of London) have become fewer and less lengthy. We have a fantastic excuse each time..."Sorry, DK has to way out of it" or "Yikes...I think Noah is coming down with something."

Long story short-even though we're only going to be away from our home for two nights ( is necessary to spend equal nights at each mothers' home for fear of hearing complaints about the differences in time spent at each home...Next year we'll be far more aware of the hours spent at each place), it will truly be an agonizing experience for us both. Noah, god love him, is totally oblivious to the shit that is thrown around him.

Oh the stuff we do for our kids....I can hardly wait until he's a teenager and we can use him as an excuse for not going to visit the folks!

Grinchiness aside...I do love Christmas Eve for some reason...always have...So I am looking forward to that..

I've finished Noah's thrummed first attempt-I'm fairly pleased with them and miraculously they stay on his hands for longer than a minute! Looks like I'll be churning a few more of these babies out over the holidays!

Happy holidays to all ( I truly mean that!)...I'm sure a few more posts will be in order over the next week or so!