Friday, January 14, 2005

All in the name of vanity....

I did it. I decided to change the background template on my blog..."just to see". Just to see that all of my buttons, links, etc, are gone...gone...gone! UGH!

There's a reason why I am a social worker and not a techie! I can handle just about anything that a person may throw my way (including various pieces of furniture). I cannot, however, handle the computer telling me that all of my settings are gone...and yes, I did receive that infamous "are you sure" warning.

It's another nice day here in Ottawa, a bit chillier than yesterday's balmy 11 degrees. The canal is temporarily closed due to the thaw, which sucks, since I was hoping to watch Noah experience his first year on skates (bobskates no less!) this weekend. There's still plenty of time! Winterlude will be here in no time...too much fun!

I am working on a firetruck sweater kit for the little man as we speak. Please don't throw fruit at is a kit from Mary Maxim (cringe) and it is all acrylic. Those of you who have 2 year old boys will understand my moment of weakness. It is very cute, and completely indestructible!For now, the fancy pants wool is for me!

Noah is sleeping and I'm very tempted to crawl into bed with him, he's all warm and cozy and content...mmmmmmm.

A quick thought...what would you do if you were approached by a homeless (I'm assuming...forgive me) person on the street who was wielding a monkey wrench (no, I'm not kidding) and asking for the time and a cigarette. Me...I gave him the time, told him I quit long ago, bid him a good day, and walked away wondering...what the hell does one do with a monkey wrench. (Ed. note: my better half confirmed the proper name of this tool as I kept calling it a plumber's wrench). I meet the most interesting people on the most mundane of days....



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