Tuesday, January 11, 2005

RAOK at its finest!

Yippee!!!! I've been RAOK'd for the very first time! I have a crummy line up of medical appointments today...so it was THE BEST DAY to receive such a beautiful gift! Brenda (http://brenda.typepad.com/(closetomyheart) sent me FABULOUS note cards made from photos taken with her digital camera...I'm in the process of posting them...


I love this....I'm grinning from ear to ear!

It's been awhile since I last posted...what has happened?!?! Somedays I just surf so many interesting blogs that I forget about my own. Resolution....to keep more up to date with my own space!

I have decided, after many years, to finally take piano lessons. I envy those with musical talent. My husband picks away at his guitar a few times a week and has attempted to teach me as well. My stubby little fingers and stubby little attention span made it a bit difficult to pick up any more than one chord. Sooooo...I've signed up for piano lessons at a local music store and this past weekend went out and bought a Yamaha portable grand! It's a lovely little piece with tons of buttons to fiddle with. Noah loves it of course. I'm hoping to enroll him in the Yamaha preschool classes this summer.

I should run...off to the next appointment. I truly dread days like this...I was thinking it would be better to have all of my appointments on one day to "get it over with"...but it's such a drag!

I do have my very first knit night (stitch and bitch I suppose!) in Ottawa at a local coffee shop...I'm looking forward to meeting up with everyone!

Thanks so much Brenda for making my day!!!



At 10:44 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey -- what coffee shop in Ottawa? I don't live there right now, but I"m curious... if I'm back home for a visit...



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