Monday, January 31, 2005

Sunny daze...

What a great weekend we had. Lots of knitting time (not sure how that happened!) and we were able to grab dim sum on Saturday and then head out for a skate on the Rideau canal on Sunday. Noah is a Dim Sum fiend and seems to know when we're in the vicinity of our local China town. We're raising a fine eater!

The wind chill seems to be dying down so we were able to skate for about an hour or so on Sunday. This was Noah's first attempt with bob skates--he was cool with it for about 15 minutes or so and then the excitement just fizzled. Dwayne grabbed a cool little sleigh and we were able to glide along with Noah sitting in the sleigh. I grabbed the regular camera instead of the no photos to spare.

My mom and dad just called. They've been in Fort Myers for a month and plan on staying in the Clearwater area for a few nights now. Even though we're lucky if we see them every 2-3 months, I've missed them terribly. It's always a relief to know that they're safe and at home...silly me.

I should run and get something accomplished today...I've finished up two scarves for the Red Scarf Project and hope to finish one more tonight so that they can be in the mail tommorow.



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