Monday, February 28, 2005

Ugh...It's Monday

Ick...Noah is sick. I was sick last night, so today...I just feel..ick. Poor little man though-he's not sick very often, but when he out! We're talking delirium here! He's a wreck...fever, rash all over, the works. It seems to be moving into his throat/nose now...great. Needless to say, he's off from Montessori today and probably for the next few days as well. He's so lethargic and icky...poor little buddy.

Before the "ick" hit me, we all went for a jaunt to Gatineau for a jewelry open house for this lovely lady. My much better half gifted me with a gift cert. to her boutique and here are a few things I got...YAY!!! I love her stuff...very cool.

On the knitting front, I finished a pair of stripey socks...the colours make me laugh! And I was reeled into another warehouse sale at Wool Tyme (20% off all wool!!) and decided to make some "no-brainer" sweaters for hubby and Noah.

They're not quite matching...Noah's is a soft bluish-grey and Dwayne's is a charcoal colour...same wool though. Lovely, non-itchy (pre-requisite) mix of alpaca and wool. The pattern I'm using for Noah's is so easy and there's not a stitch of seaming to be done! Amazing and so quick to knit up. Check out Cabin Fever. This is the book I'm using.

I also received this in the mail last week. Heather sent me this fab Noro Silk Garden as a prize for guessing her fave band member from Duran Duran. Yippee! After reading about her success in grabbing tickets to a show, I decided to see if they had a Canadian leg on their tour...and they do! They're certainly not adding many cities to their venue, but Toronto and Montreal are'm dragging my hubby to see the T.O. show in April! YAY! We'll be bringing little buddy along with us and will be setting ma and pa up in a super hotel room with him, so that we can go to the show! How sad is that??? We have to coax my parents to drive to Toronto (2 hours at the most) to look after Noah, while we traipse all around the ACC listening to tunes from a band I still have a crush on...sigh...I still love Roger and Simon...mmmmmmmmmmm.....

So..I went on a photo shoot rampage for this entry and when I couldn't find the camera cord anywhere, a call went out to the office to figure out where it was. Before this call, however, I made a vain attempt to find it on my own...this is what I found...EWWWWWWWWWWWW!!! What the hell possesses someone to acquire this amount of wire and dust??? ICK! I have been denied dusting access to the home office as I "move" stuff around and then "I can never find it". I won't show you the offensive piles of paper and "crap" that are lying around on every spare inch of the floor. Keep in mind, said better half states "some of your crap is in there too". Best move my magazine before I am permanently denied access to the office. Don't get me's not a hygiene issue (yet) but I don't like wearing body armour to protect myself from the dust mites...

Off to check on the little germ...

Monday, February 14, 2005

Happy Valentines' Day One and All!

My much better half has taken me on too many "delicious" adventures to dream come true was a Christmas gift to London, Paris and Amsterdam (I know, I'm spoiled beyond belief) in May, 2003...Such an amazing trip...only a few photos of the two of us together....Thanks babe...I love you.

Tea for two at Raffles in London-May 2003. Posted by Hello

Paris 2003 Posted by Hello

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Clickety click, Barba trick!

Do you remember the Barbapapas? Sigh...a 1970's childhood was a good thing!

You are Barbatine! You are well-read and love to
learn. You were gloomy in your youth and found
nothing you liked to taste, but you're older now,
and have an incisive sense of humour that
makes you and others smile.

Which Barbapapa Personality Are You?
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Prematurely grey....

My son is causing me to become prematurely grey. Thus creating HUGE salon bills when I go here to get my hair dyed. Actually...I've been grey since high school...salt and pepper just isn't cool when you're an 18 year I've been a slave to the chemicals since. My mom and dad have been blue-hairs for as long as I can remember...but it suits them, no?

Back to Noah...everyone warns you about the terrible twos (sometimes calledthe terrific twos by people who obviously don't have children). Anyway-Noah will be three in March and refuses to remove himself from the terrible two's phase which unexpectedly began when he was closer to one. He is truly a delight, loads of fun and the love that we have for him is so immense that they haven't yet created a word in the dictionary to describe it. He is our life...but...must he wreak havoc in every room of our house??

The usual target is the refrigerator...which is unfortunate as I have now lost count of the number of eggs that have been thrown on the floor followed by a gleeful "oooooooo" and then a sombre "sorry mommy...Noah, get a cloth...tidy up...tidy up..." To make matters far more complicated, we have an equally sweet dog who is just plain dumb...god love her...but she is dumber than a bag of hammers. So...there they are...Noah, a dozen smashed eggs and Einstein...all traipsing about, trying to figure out a way to avoid being caught by the tyrant they can Mommy. Ugh!! These are the days that are so cheekily explained in the What to Expect When...series of books.

Check this out. Neat concept.

Loving this song right now

It's 2:53 pm and all is quiet...a hear a pot of tea calling me not to mention a stew that should have been put in the oven ages ago! Martha, I am not!

Monday, February 07, 2005

What a banner day for mail today! Not one bill!!! Hooray for me! I did receive my American (I know...I'm purely Canadian...but this kit was cool!) Red Cross Knit Kit...Perfect timing too...just a mere day after I conquered my first sock pattern! Click here to see what's inside! Posted by Hello

OH MY first finished sock...after a million attempts...I GOT it! The only thing is...I'm not happy with it! It fits great, the wool is great...I'm not happy with my Kitchener stitch seam or the cuff. I go to knit another one! Yippee!! Posted by Hello

Red Scarf project update photos...Here are 3 of my contributions. Looking horribly unblocked I might add! The middle one is not quite RED...but it was such a beautiful colour combo I couldn't resist! They were mailed out today! Posted by Hello

I'm sorry, so sorry.... Posted by Hello

This is what happens when you leave an almost 3 year old, an aging dog and an open pantry with a full box of cornstarch in it, alone while you run to take a pee.... Posted by Hello

I've been RAOK'D!!!

Does it get any better than this? I've been RAOK'd by the lovely Becca. She's also a member of the Hello Kitty knit along and sent me a sweet Hello Kitty stationary set as well as post it's, stickers and a lovely little note! Thanks so much Becca!

An RAOK from BeccaPosted by Hello

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Amazon wish list

This list is more to remind myself of the great books that I'd like to add to my library...but if any one else is interested...

There are also alot of non-knitting related books-my tastes run to the morbid side at times. I have a bit of a hankering for Patricia Cornwell stuff now...great, great reads!

If you scroll down the side bar, you'll see a pic of an old woman's hands resting on a book...the image is a bit dark, I'm trying to fix that...that's the link to my wish list!