Friday, March 25, 2005

A new KAL...I SO need this cami for the summer! LYS here I come! Ummm..tommorow...after the holiday! Posted by Hello

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Happy Easter!

Looks like this weekend is shaping up to be a great one! The weather has been simply fantastic! We still have a big old wad of snow on our front lawn, but I was able to clean up the ick left behind by the snowplow, etc. Hurry up spring! I shouldn't complain, we've had a great winter...not too cold, not too much snow...but I'm sick of it already!

On to happier things...

I received a wonderful package in the mail today from the Netherlands! My Operation Haremail bunny buddy sent me a FABULOUS package! Thanks so much Marieke! There's a common theme in these photos-Noah. I could not keep him away from the Easter surprise!

Here's Noah contemplating shredding the beautiful wrap:

Look at this springy!

A few of the pretty little felt bag...I just love it!

Looky at what's inside...tell me this bunny isn't to die for! How CUTE is this? Marieke, you are so talented...I just love him! I've decided to call him Frodo-he reminds me of Frodo Baggins from the Hobbit! Love him!!!!

And to top off this wonderful treat, Marieke also gifted me with some yummy chocolate eggs...delish!

Thank you so much for everything Marieke!

On the needles as we speak, and itching to come off is Noah's top down raglan sweater from the gals over at Cabin Fever

It's a size 4, and is most definately big on the little lad now, it will fit him fine by the fall though. I like this yarn-it's easy to knit with, although I'm questioning its potential "picky-ness". I'm using the same stuff, different colour, for Dwayne's sweater...he's "anti-picky" when it comes to yarn...we'll see how it goes!

I do love this pattern easy and it was the first one to introduce me to working with dpn's (first attempt was made last year). There's absolutely NO seaming's literally done in one piece...sweet!

I'll close off with an annoying little ditty for Easter...hope the Bunny is good to you all.

Saturday, March 19, 2005

I still haven't found what I'm looking for....


I hate when things don't go my way :P

I was pretty pumped up about U2 coming to pumped up I convinved dearest hub that 95.00 for a ticket was VERY reasonable for a band of such calibre. I couldn't even access the server to until 10:30 (tix went on sale at 10) and even then, I was just tossed into some que. So...I became desperate enough to look for tickets in Toronto in Sept. They have a number of shows there, so I figured I would have no prob. finding at least 2 little tickets. Nope...nada.

I'm so p.o.'d it isn't funny. I feel so incredibly dejected . I did a quick check on ebay...and felt the sudden urge to vomit. Here I am...a mom...a respectable, I'm contemplating scalpers! Hee hee hee!!! Whatever floats your boat! The asking prices are heinous, as I suspected...Oh well..maybe another time! I must admit, I did catch them when they were in Toronto for their ZooTV tour (not my fave era for U2 music...but he concert was wicked!)

I will keep my chin up...and think of the Duran Duran concert which is creeping up, I'll finish Noah's sweater (which I frogged to the nines last week!) and I'll think of the Edge, and how he's going to miss me not being at his show in Ottawa! Hee!

Tommorow is the end of Noah's b-day celebration week...he'll have his little party at Gymboree with a bunch of his pals from Montessori. I just picked up some custom made cookies on a stick (fish!) and will spend the night cutting fruit, veggies and cheese! Super!

Friday, March 18, 2005

My boy is three....


I have heard a million times "enjoy this time, they grow up so fast". I usually respond with the blank stare and mutter a "mhmmm" and wonder when the time will come that I will have something in my vocabulary other than "Noah...please don't do that", "Noah, leave the dog alone", "Noah, stop eating the snow....I don't care how tasty it is" and the ever popular "OH Noah....what did you do?"

Now don't get me wrong, I would kill for my little guy...I would fly to the moon and back to make him as happy as he makes me...but, there are these "days" that I wonder when my life will return to a somewhat normal state.

The day that Noah Thomas was born, three years ago today...was sheer bliss...and a relief. After an incredibly icky pregnancy that was full of worry and negative news, the little man was delivered without any complications.

The next few months were a mix of sheer delight and incredible exhaustion. Noah was an excellent baby...slept all the time...and woke with a smile. He ate well, but was very tiny. He was a mere 5 lbs 10 oz at his first weigh in after coming home. Sweet pea....

We vowed that we would take him everywhere with us and expose him to many different cultures, music, outdoor experiences, etc.

He is still a dream to travel with and is beyond curious. He loves Dim Sum (thank god!) and revels in wagon rides, shovelling snow, running, going down slides, etc. He loves to watch Daddy scuba dive ("Daddy is a "scooba diver".) and he loves talking to people.

Noah attends a local Montessori now and just this year has graduated into the Casa environment. He's excelling more than we ever imagined and he is now talking non-stop. Every word, every sentence, every "Be careful Mommy" makes us laugh. He's a ham.

Noah, you are three today. This is the first birth day you've had that you haven't been sick! Yeah for you! You are loved more than you can ever imagine. We cherich each moment we have with you and no matter how angry you think we may be with you, we will always listen to you and love you...foever. My wish for you is to grow up respecting yourself and others around you, to be compassionate, to make your own choices for your life's path, to be happy with who you are...I could go on and on.
Happy birthday buddy...may all of your wishes for jelly beans and Nemo treats come true.

Friday, March 11, 2005

Chocolate via Canada Post...yes please!

Sweet!!! How cool is this exchange.....

Some people and their imaginations/creativity, just rock!


Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Where's me cheese?

Dwayne introduced me to Wallace and Gromit this past week. We rented two VHS (!!!) tapes from the local video store and have since downloaded (!!!) a few from the web. Now, I liked Chicken Run...but Wallace and Gromit rawk! Too funny...Of course, I had to do a quick google search to check out any patterns, knitting or otherwise, that may relate to good old Wallace et al, but found that they are hard to find! I'll keep an eye on ebay though...Feathers McGraw, Shaun the Sheep, Wendolyne...sigh...I miss the UK! Must.go.back.

In other SP is the best! I received a lovely package last night from Newfoundland and couldn't wait to rip it open...lookie lookie...

Such an awesome collection of all of my faves! I've had a quick peek through the book...very cool projects. The seeds are going to be pre-potted soon...Nasturtium are THE best, and you can eat'em too! L-O-V-E the yarn! I was looking at a similar skein at my lys, and decided I needed to finish at least one more project BEFORE I bought anymore yarn or fabric. You'll also notice a whole bunch of gorgeous glass beads and two beautiful beaded bookmarks...I even received another string full of incredible glue glass beads, which Noah has claimed and has been counting them ever since! Can't wait to get using everything! Thanks again SP, you have spoiled me with a capital 'S'!!!

On the knitting front, I was plugging away quite quickly on Noah's little raglan when I realized that the neck/body seemed to be a might I cast off the edge, and looked at it off the needles...then tried it on...myself...I realized there was no way in hell it would ever fit him. Indeed, it was a nightmarish thing to, in a sweater that was meant for a 3 year old. Cropped tops are not in my wardrobe any went to the swamp to be frogged. ACK! I figured out the prob...wrong sized addis....Oh Addi turbos, how could you deceive me?!?!?! So begins the second attempt at the raglan.

Have I mentioned that I'm a quilter? I belong to two local guilds (both of which have far too much political mess going on for my own comfort). an attempt to save an annual quilt show from becoming dust, I volunteered to be a member of the planning committee. So...I'm in charge of registering some 300 quilts between now and April 4th. What have I done??? It's been an interesting experience that I may or may not reconsider doing in the future. One would think that a group of quilters would be full of compassion and good will...not so. I have met a few loose screws and I am definitely disappointed in more than a few people whom I once had a bit of respect for. UGH. Isn't it a sad thing when a group of women (I'm not being sexist here...but this has been my experience lately) can't get along? Sad sad sad....

HAPPY HAPPY!!!! U2 is coming to Ottawa...RAWK ON! Now...the trick is to a) convince hubby he NEEDS to see U2 b) grab tickets before they're sold out...Way to go BOB FM and Prime Minister RAWK!

Should run...piano lessons tonight....must practice so I can avoid having to do a solo again....