Thursday, July 21, 2005

Busy times=no blog!

Oh my...has it really been that long since my last post??

Hmmm...what has happened in my wee corner of the world?

Noah has been enjoying his summer holiday--lots of day and weekend trips here there and everywhere! We learned along time ago that it is MUCH better to keep him busy and to expose him to lots of different's totally exhausting, but in the end, well worth the lack o' sleep! He's a an age (3 1/2 yrs) where he is equal parts of sheer joy and sheer hell :)

He's currently involved in a gym program as well as...get classes! Too much fun! He'll be starting summer school (aka summer camp) at his new Montessori school in a few weeks--enter end of summer knitting extravaganza! He's also taking part in Kerrie's Secret Pal for kids (cool, huh?)We had great fun shopping for his secret pal....girls are SO MUCH fun to shop for!!! YAY!!!

I've been plugging away at my stripey version of Tempting, finished up a lovely Lena Brown shawl-just needs a little fringe action, finished up a sweet little Sophie bag for gifting as well as a felted iPod pouch (for the iPod I've been hinting at for a few months now-techie hubby is not a huge follower of the Apple crowd). We also have two new babies coming soon-which means knitting sweet little things. One baby will arrive in Ocotber-so I MUST knit him a pumpkin hat. The other wee one is due in February, but his/her mom LOVES the, another pumpkin hat! I'm sure other items will follow as well.

I've also developped a renewed interest in my historical leanings. My mom and dad came to visit for an extended Canada Day fest (by the way...should you ever decide to come to Ottawa to visit--COME ON CANADA DAY--it simply rocks!!!)and we were able to visit Upper Canada Village. Inspiration got the better of me and I was inclined to drive back for yet another visit a week later, and purchase a season's pass. It's a beautiful little village with tons of historical buildings and fabulous interpreters who are more than generous with their time to explain all things 1860.

After cruising around their website, I noticed that they're holding a traditional 1860 Fall Fair...all entries must be historical accurate. So....being a sucker for this sort of thing, and feeling a need to challenge myself, I've decided I will enter at least one item for judging. I purchased a whack load of wool which was made at the operating mill on the premises and have been checking out eBay for Godey's Lady's books as well as Peterson's magazines. I've also checked out a few books from the library which are just awesome. Problems I've encountered thus far include weird needle sizes, fibres which are readily available anymore
(Berlin wool for instance) and patterns with different abbreviations. I've figured a few of these out, but will have to check with someone at the Village to be sure that the fibres I've chosen to work with are acceptable period pieces.

Also....I've decided I'd like to take a swing at spinning. I've contacted the local Spinner's Guild and unfortunately, they meet on the same night as my Quilt Guild. Which sucks! But, I've already had one fine shop owner offer to teach me on a drop spindle as well as on a wheel, when I'm ready! Yay!!! New hobby!!! I think I'll check into this in the Fall.

I'm also working on two flannel raggy quilts for two weddings that we have coming up in August and October. These are so easy, instant gratification....that is, once all of the cutting is done...ugh. Quilting would be so much more appealing to me right now if there wasn't as much cutting and stuff. I feel so unfocussed it the heat, my age,or just a case of the extended "blahs".

Anyhoo..must run...the blog is a work in progress and I still have more tinkering to do! Photos to follow soon...I forgot to mention that I lost our digital camera, bought one a few days ago, and of course, found the old one...UGH!!!!

Happy Summer!


At 9:05 PM, Blogger amylovie said...

Welcome back! It sound like you have been lounging around *wink*.



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