Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Book Worm

I haven't read a book, seriously, in I can't tell you how long. the gym...I finished a book that I started, ready for this? the gym! YAY!!! Tuesdays With Morrie was FAN-freakin-TASTIC! Loved it!! It so reminded me of a social work prof I had the pleasure of knowing. Such an amazing man...who, sadly, I have loss contact with. Maybe I'll track him down again...just for a coffee or a simple chat on the phone. He was important to me...

On to other things. I joined the Ottawa Knitting Guild. The first meeting was...hmmm...ok. It was a vendor's market sort of deal, with a little bit of show and tell happening at the beginning. I'm not an overly shy person, but, I didn't feel 100% comfortable though I was intruding on a secret club or something. I'm being silly I'm's just that most of the ladies there had "tables"...know what I mean? They had tables were they always go, with the firends that are always there. Not much room for newbies...oh well, I'll try again next month-there's a guest speaker maybe an opportunity to chat with others a bit more. I did scoop up the newest Noro book, and two bundles of beautiful fibre from Fleece Artist. I only have a pic of the Goldielocks Shawl-the other kit is for thrummed mitts...with mohair! YUM!! Fleece Artist rocks!

The quilting guild is up and going as meeting is on Monday. The programming this year is much better, and I've met lots of cool people with amazing talents. Lots of fun, if only the cheesy politics wasn't there. I had to "gently" push a person who was supposed to be "helping" me with membership, out. She constantly came up with excuses as to why she couldn't do something for me, etc. The first meeting was a nightmare, she did squat to help out, so I waited a few days and then sent her (I hate doing this) an email to clear the air. She rebutted (as I assumed she would) with every excuse in the book, and ended it with "given the results of my cancer test tommorow, I may not be able to redeem myself." AS IF!!! Having dealt with the whole cancer issue myself, I was horrified that she would use this as a last blow. HONESTLY! Before I sound all callous and stuff, she made no mention of said tests previously. She has stepped down...and hopefully we can get on with it.

Noah has settled into school famously. He seems so much happier at this school than at his previous one. He's taking swimming lessons at school as well and had a bit of a scare as he jumped into the deep end without a life jacket on. The little fish is just fine...but learned a quick lesson. He's been on a field trip as well...which means his first ride on a school bus!

On the knitting front-I finished up a Sophie bag using some Lamb's Pride-love this stuff...picked it up at a little sheep show in upstate New York.

I'm also working on a Harry Potter scarf using some Merino wool...yes, it's not machine washable-but the colours were perfect and I just had to. I was tossing around the idea of Noah being Harry for Halloween, but he doesn't really "get" the whole Harry Potter thing quite yet. Maybe a pirate? Buzz Lightyear? Hmmm...not sure. He's so easy about this..."yeah, whatever mom!"

We took him to see Sharon and Bram...from Sharon, Lois and Bram fame...more fun for me than for him...but hey whatever!!! We also picked up tickets for the Wiggles Live! Dear lord...what has happened to us?!?!? The Wiggles??? Honestly...

A new hobby-punchneedle! Fun little class that I took at my local quilt's a little prim Santa in's so easy and mindless, no counting, etc.

SOCKAPALTWOZA UPDATE!!! YAY!!! Thanks SO much to Stephanie in Atlanta for my FABULOUS, can't take them off they're too perfect, socks! And, low and the same darn yarn I chose for my sock pal...hee hee!! LOVE THEM...and the Georgia Peach butter as's, ahem...gone! DELISH!!! Thanks so so're too sweet! Here they are...after being worn and finally washed! Actually, they're on my feet again today...such a perfect fit...and beautifully stitched!


Another package from lovely SP in England arrived at Noah's door. He was VERY excited by all of the contents! We had problems with him actually opening the next gift...he would open one, and be totally enthralled with it and would forget that there were so many more to open! Noah's pal has been far too generous...he's been more than delighted with all of his fun pressies...a big thank you goes out to our little pal across the pond!

Check out the cool frisbee...DH and I were having a blast with cool!

Einstein, was not so impressed by the frisbee....

RAOK...the lovely Julie sent me the sweetest little good luck's found a special spot on my desk! Thanks for the wonderful RAOK!

Autumn is here...the leaves are just barely starting to change, pumpkins are starting to sprout up at local farmers' stands, I love this time of year. Seriously. My home dec stuff is waiting patiently. I usually go all out for Halloween, with the creepy music, decorations, fun stuff. I hope to dress up this year...we used to dress up for the kiddos before we had Noah, but DH scared the poop out of one little trick or treater, so we kind of toned it down after that. Hee hee hee!!!

We've done a charity walk/run every year since Noah was born, this year the proceeds went to Roger's House. An excellent cause indeed. Roger Neilson was a fine man.

Notice little man is wearing an Ottawa Senators team jersey???

With that...I end this entry with a hearty...

GO SENS GO!!!!!! (for those of you not into hockey...the Ottawa Senators are the best (ahem) damn team in the NHL...)


At 8:19 PM, Blogger amylovie said...

My SP from the last round send me several Fleece Artist yummies. We can't get it here in Texas. Bo ho!


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