Thursday, January 19, 2006

two months... excuses for the absence. But in my defense, here's a glimpse of my life in the past few months!

*I have a 3 1/2 yr old who's "independence" is completely welcomed and feared!
*Family (just the three of us!) trip to are coming--such an amazing time, despite the "toe" incident
*Three Christmas celebrations, at our house, in a 2 week span
*booking tickets to see the best band ever (well...not EVER, but pretty close)The soundtrack tune/video on the blog will give a hint
*Knitting...and more knitting
*Decision to completely change career goals-at 33...not such an easy feat.
*Enrolling in Accounting and HR night classes (YIKES! Not so easy for a social worker-ish type of chick to contemplate, let alone study!)

Umm...there's more, I swear--I'm in such a back-to-school blur! Ick...

Funny story: We LOVE dim it! Every week or so, we trek to Chinatown here in Ottawa and indulge (read-gorge) on yummy Chinese delights. Noah, has taken to our longing for dim sum, so much so, that he requests it, alot. we're booting around town, we see a tour bus with Chinese script on the back, and Noah shouts out "I want to go on the Dim Sum bus!" Hee hee...I love my boy!

Pics, and fun family stories to follow!